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altijd op vakantie
Op vakantie - On holliday
These quilts have been made to replace the ugly curtains in our new caravan. In it I used holliday-fabric traded with several people.
Size:. x . cm, made: may 2007
Boerenerf - Farmyard
Last year we had a medailon-quilt as challenge with the Houten Klosjes. We started with a 20x20 cm. block of own choise, then we added themed borders. This quilt has been made both by hand and on the sewing machine.
Size:. x . cm, made: june 2007
Dag Opa van Vincent, Janne en Imme
Dag Opa van Vincent, Janne en Imme - Goodbye
In memory of Bert van de Pas.
Size:. x . cm, made: june 2007
geel tasje
Geel Tasje - Yellow Bag
My daughter has braces. This bag has been made so she can't forget her container. Crazy patchwok, immediately quilted.
Size:. x . cm, made: june 2007
Dolfijn - Dolphin
About the name: meant as a word-joke somthing like: fondly pleasant. Last september we went withj 4 ladies to Ans Schipper for a workshop in cutting up pannels and the comming up with a pattern to enhance the quilt. Also for the binding I used all scraps of fabric that were in the quilt, to get the colors coordinated. It really looks smashing, and I am real pleased with the result.
Size: 108 x 73 cm, made: septembre 2007
vakanie 2007
Vakantie 2007 - Holliday 2007
This quilt I took with me on holliday as a blank canvas. It fits, just as the other holliday project, as a curtain in the caravan. During the holliday I added items i found to the quilt. And when I got home some photos were printed on fabric and appliqued to the quilt. As a finishing touch all the villages we stayed in an rivers we saw are embroidered.
Size: 108 x 73 cm, made: septembre 2007
rode bloem
Rode bloem - Red flower
When working on the scrapparty project I thought it would be fun to use a cross-stich pattern as beginning of a quilt. This is the result. borduurtje
Size: .. x .. cm, made: oktobre 2007
stralende kerst
Stralende kerst - Radiant christmas
At the Houten Klosjes kregen we got a pattern for a simple star. I found ths a little boring, so got out my pencils and started drawing. By adding a bigger and smaller star it was more to my taste. Then it was hard work to get it all finished before christmas, so it could be used on our chritmascard this year.
Size: 40 x 40 cm, made: decembre 2007
Feest Quilt - Party Quilt
This quilt is a memory to my parents 40 th wedding anniversary on 26 april 2008. All the guests have been asked to sign a piece of fabric. Then I added a wedding picture, the invitation and their passion, cranes.
Size: .. x .. cm, made: may 2008
Thomas wanted, like his brother and sister, a quilt to cuddle up with. Unfortunatly the alphabet fabric was not enough, so I had to go find new ideas. Luckily Thomas knew some: trains! Ofcourse there is centre stage for Thomas the steam engine. I also made a pillowcase with the left overs.
Size: .. x .. cm, made: june 2008welterusten