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kussentjes These are the first pillows I made. The lilac one was first. These pillows have not been quilted.
Size: 30 x 30 cm, made:1987-1995
spei in wording This bedspread was started in 1987, this photo is taken in 1989. And still not finished, my first UFO.
japans voor mama Each block in this quilt is a little quilt. I made this japanes style quilt for my mother, when she was seriuosly ill in hospital. Each day on hospital is a block on the quilt..
Size: 36 x 27 cm, made: november 1997
de appel
Appel - Apple
This is the first real quilt. Made during quilt-class at my local craftshop the Bergeend.
Size: 104 x 73 cm, gem.: december 1997
sint en piet
Sint en Piet - Saint Nicolas and his helper
In an old edition from the Quiltnieuws (quilters guild newsletter)I found this pattern of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas). Of course I had to make it. Since then, every year, when sinterklaas arrives in the country, this quilt is up in the livingroom, up to december 6.
Size: 27 x 27 cm, made: november 1999
het vogelhuisje
Het Vogelhuisje - Ths birdhouse
This is my first try at applique. Made after a pattern from the Piecemakers calendar.
Afm.: 46 x 46 cm, made: december 1998
23 oktober
23 oktober
Made from fabrics given to me on the first Get Thogether of QuiltNed (internet group of dutch quilters), wich I hosted at my home.
Size: 29 x 29 cm, made: november 1999
mystery 1 quiltnaald.
Mystery I
For the first time I participated in a mystery. Every month there was an envelope on the doormat with the patterns and fabric for another piece of quilt. And untill the last episode it was exiting to finally find out how it was going to be. This quilt was designed by Els Feteris for the Quiltnaald (this shop does not longer exist).
Size: 89 x 89 cm, made: januari 2000
mystery 2 quiltnaald.
Mystery II
A ywar later I entered another mystery. It was as exiting as the first one. And I learned it is really important to work precise, there was so much work in the trinagles that turned out to be too large ... I left them as they were. This quilt was designed by Els Feteris for the Quiltnaald (this shop does not longer exist).
Size: 98 x 98 cm, made: januari 2000
wiacka via zuid-afrika
Wiaçka via Zuid-Afrika
Early 2000 we were given a trip to South-Africa with my husbands colleagues. To keep myself busy on the plane I decided to prepare a small quilt, that would be easy to make. I ended up with a logcabin on foundation. As inpirattion I used a picture my father made in Wiaçka (Poland). This quilt is given to my parents.
Size: 45 x 60 cm, made: juli 2000polen kerstfoto