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dag Niek
Dag Niek
In memory of Niek van der Ploeg.
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.: juli 2008
During the midweek organised bij the Quiltersgilde, end oktobre 2007, I bathed in a warm bath of fabrics, inspiration and great woman. With a photo of waterlilies, taken in the naturepark "De Liniehof" in Made, I started working.

I used a technique to overlay little pieces of fabric on a fusible undergroud and the ironing it on. For me it was a first to work without sewing pieces together ad make them look nice and trimmed. The lilly leaves are made of organza and enhanced by the quiltwork. For the firdt time I used metallic thread to quilt, that was a little hard, but during the process I got the hang of it.
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:augustus 2008

Als started during the midweek. The subject was structures. And I wanted to try this technique as well. 4 blocks of fabric have been cut and re-sewn (horizontal and vertical). Then a big piece of fabric is sewn onto the blocks and the some parts are opened up by clipping fabric away.
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:augustus 2008
erop of eronder
Erop of eronder
In a course meshwork by Annelies de Kruif did I learn how to use strips of fabric to dreate new blocks by weaving them together. First we had to make a griant mount of perfect strips and the we learned to make blocks with strips going 2 ways. After that difficulty was raised and we tried to get the strips in on 3 ways. It was a great quilt to make, and I am looking quilt different at laces and nice wool, I see potential everwhere.

Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:..
gilet I
Gilet I
The first vest in a new series. This one has just the front in bargello. It took me 2 nights to make.
Afm.: medium, gem.:september 2008
gilet sterren
Gilet sterren
This vest has the same pattern as above, but it is made out of halve stars. Pattern Bent Stars from Paperpanache. The stars on the front are embalished with beads in the quilting. The back has been quilted, but without beads.gilet sterren
Afm.: medium, gem.: 2008
rainbow chain
Rainbow Chain
After I made a green version for my parents, as a pillow on their couch, I wanted also to make a colourfull version as in the original pattern.The block you will find here at Quilters Cache
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:september 2009
lapjesfeest IV
Lapjesfeest IV
Having made a lot of blocks with a crosss motive ... what next? Quite some thinking led me to making blocks with ablack cross and using the colours in the quadrants. After it has been assembled the orinial blocks are jhard to find. A lot of these blocks have been made in the horpital during chemo therapy. Finally I finished the quilt with al ittle reluctance.
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:september 2009
In june we had a workshop by Elaine Barnard, a South-African Art quilter. She makes a lot of woman heads and other body parts. Added to that she uese all kinds of materials. This was very inspiring. I used school pictures of my kids and after that I had a great rumage through the button pile..
Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:oktober 2009

Afm.: .. x .. cm, gem.:..