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WIP - Work in progress

Here you can see what I am working on now.

Lapjesfeest V

lapjesfeest V

My ongoing project with my block 5x5. This quilt will be one with blocks shaded dark to light. 10 more blocks need to be finished, the the definite layout can be determined.

white clifs of Dover

Memories of Oma O.

My grandmother learned me a lot of handworks. After her death I got a lot of her items. There is a whole stack of unfinished embroidered table cloths. A pile of buttons, laces and trims. And added to that great pictures and a letter written to her by her father in 1944, when he was in Germany and she in the Netherlands. All these memories I want to catch in a quilt.

Rosemad fairy daisy

I'd like a new quilt to use as a logo for this website. This quilt will be a rose, made in the smae way as the Mad Fairy Daisy.