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de zwarte rozentuin, 2 keer
De Zwarte Rozentuin - The Black Rosegarden
Thesequilts have been made because of another passion, The Sims Online. One quilt is with my pixel-friend Maitlin Black in Canada (top) and the other one in my home (pixel-girl Roosje).
roosje en maitlin
Size: 43 x 43 cm, made: oktober 2004
mad fairy daisy
Mad Fairy Daisy
After a workshop crazy patchwork in wich i learned to do crazy patchwork on foundation with the sewing machine. The patchwork is then cut to size, machine appliqued onto a large piece of fabric and embellished with beads and sequins.
Size: 61 x 61 cm, made: december 2004
de kat van ome willem
De kat van Ome Willem - Uncle Willems Cat
This quilt is made out of vacation-souvenirs, wich we traded at our lessons at the Bergeend. The backing fabric has been bought in London. And the quilt work has been done whilst traveling to Prague.
Size: 52 x 52 cm, made: mei 2005
A pillowcover for my parents, With yet another pattern I had to try.
Size: . x . cm, made: ..
Bloempje - Little flower
Practice in working with silk flowers under a layer of tulle.
Size: . x . cm, made: september 2005
rozen in mijn tuin
Rozen in mijn tuin - Roses in my garden
The quilt in the shed, used as a curtain, needed replacing. And since the color of the woodwork changed to blue, the quilt has been made to suit.
Size: 85 x 57 cm, made: oktober 2005
lapjesfeest 1
Lapjesfeest 1 - Scapparty 1
On a show I fell in love with a stack of 5 x 5 cm squares, from them I made this little quilt. I used the neglish method of sewing fabric on paper and then attaching the pieces to each other by hand. It has been machine quilted.
Size: 37 x 37 cm, made: november 2005
lapjesfeest 2
Lapjesfeest 2 - Scapparty 2
Working with squares went smoothly ... so I started a project to use all my scraps. This project is Scrapparty. This is the next scrapquilt, a pillowcover.
Size: 37 x 37 cm, made: februari 2006
rondje om de kerk
Rondje om de kerk - Around the church
On this quilt I have been working several years. It has been finished with a quilt-as-you-go method, wich means that every block has been quilted first and then assembled. This quilt has been in the national exhibition of the dutch Quiltersguild in 2006.
Size: . x . cm, made: maart 2006
mad quilters jacket
Mad Quilters Jacket
Sometimes you just have to use ones novelties fabric with haberdashery ... and this is how it turned out.
made: oktober 2006