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Meeuwen - Sea-gulls
For my brother and sister-in-law, in honor of their wedding on Schiermonnikoog, a dutch island.
Made: oktober 2000
color wheel geese
Flying Geese Colorwheele
Pillowcover. I made 2 of these, the colored fabrics were cut in halves anyways.
Size: 36 x 36 cm, made: januari 2001
ardennen aan zee
Ardennen aan zee - Ardenne by the sea
Vacation memory, a seaside scene made on a hilltop in the belgium Ardennes.
Size: 38,5 x 38,5 cm, gem.: augustus 2001
spin in de ring
Spin in de Ring - Spider in the Ring
A new challenge: working with curves and what better to use than a classic pattern: the double weddingring. The curved parts of the ring have been paperpieced. Everything has been sewed by hand. And the spider ... you can't see it, but you will find it's web in the quilting.
Size: 50 x 50 cm, made: januari 2002
paars hesje
Paars - Purple
These vests are a result of wanting to try out a new technic, bargello, and using patchwork in clothing. The kids were so taken with mine that they each got one of their own.
made: zomer 2002
groengeel 1 (li)
groengeel 2 (re)
groen geel 1, hesje groen geel 2, hesje
koffie met!
Koffie Met! - Coffee with!
My local newspaper was becomming a morning paper, instead of afternooons. To remark this event they had a readers-contest with the theme: my morning feeling. The artwork had to fit a frame wich was printed in the newspaper. My morning feels good when i can read the newspaper WITH a mug of coffee.
Size: 21,5 x 31 cm, made: april 2003
mijn keukenkast
Mijn Keukenkast - My Kithcen cupboard
At the end of 1997 I bought the book paper piecing by Maaike Bakker. The kitchen cupboard that was in it had my imidiate attention. After 5 years of fabric collecting, I finally started on my cupboard. I have been working on it with great joy.
Size: 90 x 131 cm, made: juni 2003
zo gaan de wieken
Zo gaan de wieken - The way of the sweeps
At a meeting of the Houten Klosjes we had a workshop with dutch fabrics from Minewood Quilting. As basis we used 10 x 10 cm. squares and we turned them into mills. To finish the quilt I put in an applique mill.
Size: 39 x 46,5 cm, made: juli 2003
dag opa
Dag Opa - Goodbye Grandfather
In loving memory of my dear grandfather Anton Okhuijsen.
Size: 54 x 50 cm, made: 17 december 2003